Ximena Mutis

Google Hangout Tech Talk

Private School, Miami, FL, March 2017

Google Hangout tech talk, that focused on STEM for an all girls’ school. I presented two portfolios of my work describing my process on how I ended up designing in tech.  There was a Q & A after.

STEM Guest Speaker

AAUW and The Tech Trek Alumni Group (TTAG), Redondo Beach Library, February 2017

The Women in STEM Forum. An annual event that I was invited to by AAUW (American Association University of Women), to speak to their future Tech Trek girls, a Science and Math camp for girls.

Tech Trek Tech Talk at Symantec

Tech Trek at Symantec, October 2016

My first tech talk. I was asked to speak and present the design work that I had been doing at Symantec to Tek Trek, an all girls STEM camp, which was sponsored by American Association University of Women (AAUW). We focused on icon design and did a workshop.


Art Teacher for Summer Night Lights,
A Gang Prevention and Youth Development Program

Summer 2012

The Summer Night Lights program (SNL) is a partnership undertaken by the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Gang Reduction & Youth Development. This program is directed at increasing community resiliency to the influence of gangs and gang violence. The program operates at 32 locations across the City of Los Angeles, keeping recreation centers and parks open, and adding extended programming during the summer so kids have something to do while they are not in school for the summer. This is where gang recruitment usually happens. I was chosen to design and teach an art program for the kids of Toberman Park, located in Downtown, Los Angeles. My project was a multimedia project where we combined paint, spray paint, and photography, and overlapped them to represent the best creative versions of themselves. The kids loved the project and learned how to stencil, splatter, spray paint, paint, and do portrait photography.