BLOCKv was a tech startup in Santa Monica that created unique digital objects on blockchains called Vatoms. They were smart, interactive, and experiential objects that engaged and motivated users through gamification, with an objective to sell, trade, collect, combine or share.

Roles: UI/UX, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, and Brand Development. 


The SPACE of digital objects

Vatoms are dynamic, compelling digital objects, that connected brands and customers, artists and fans, governments, friends, families and gamers. Designed for discovery, a Vatom could be dropped onto a map, captured in augmented reality, moved into virtual reality, transferred, and could be stored. These interactive digital goods could be move between users and smart devices.

Built on the BLOCKv platform, Vatoms were registered, unique digital objects and were limited, and could not be copied. They could be redeemable with real value, where network aware, and could react to real world events. They were programable, could run by themselves, and live and act on their own through artificial intelligence. They were authentic, and can be verified through the blockchain. 

Building a digital object through the BLOCKv platform allowed you to transfer virtual goods on and off blockchain. Once you owned it, you could share it, trade it, sell it, drop it, or combine it with another Vatom. They could gamify any experience like a product promotion, an entertainment or sporting event. And they were as sharable, as easy with a text. .


The winter music conference

We went to Miami Music week in 2018 and shot some footage of our working product. We hired a production team to shoot it and my job was to edit it.


Gamified promotions are rare and unexpected experiences for users. The first suprise is the game itself, and later, by using multi-level game structure revealing new creatives all the time, brands can keep customers’ engagement in the long run.

Here, we wanted to give customers free rides for appreciating their valued support, and through gamification give them chances to win more prizes by giving them keys that unlock gifts which they had to find.

Customer appreciation gifts

Surprise valued customers with gifts when they ride with Lyft by sending them a gift with options to choose from.


Show your customers how many Vatoms are found on a map. Once acquired, you can either share, redeem, combine, transfer, or keep them for future use.

Vatoms are obtainable anywhere and can be found and viewed through any mechanism – mobile, desktops, laptops, smart TV, virtual reality and augmented reality. These unique items are then secured on the blockchain. Your Vatom has the same properties as real objects – but has the ability to generate value instantly or over time.