The Concierge for Healthcare

They believe in innovation, and they come to you so that you can sit back in luxury and enjoy the care of their talented medical team.

Their goal is to get you back to work safely.

My role was to help brand them by putting their website together.


Estimated Project Timeline


Mood Boards


Old User Flow v. New User Flow


Low Fidelity Wireframes


High Fidelity Wireframes




Final Look and Feel

We changed the color treatment but kept the same framework.

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Social Media Designs

Process & Workflow

Ideas come from engaging in dialogue, researching, and executing different concepts. These are the steps it takes to get there:

Exploration Phase

User research, flows, and mood board exploration.


 The prototype is designed into a functioning website.


Low-fidelity to High-fidelity wireframes are created, reviews, and iterations.

User Testing

We user test and fix anything that doesn’t work.

Prototype Design

During this phase, a prototype is designed of what the website will look like.


Training and handing off the website to the client.