Virtual Conferences at a Global Scale

BuzzCast is a virtual event platform, delivering a production-quality experience with zero downtime.  It highly secure and can engage hundreds of thousands of attendees with complex tracks and formats.

“Powering the world’s largest, most buzzworthy virtual and hybrid events.”

– Ryan Byrne, Founder at the Buzz Lab

Reaserch and Developement

Our Personas

Are personas are anyone who would like to be part of a group, a series, a conference, and or a meeting. It’s for everyone. It allows you to connect, from a small scale to a very large scale.


Ryan and his team had gathered images that they had in mind and we followed that lead and found a lot of inspiration in royal hues likes blues and purples.

Site Map & Flow


We used a wide 4 column grid with smaller gutters on each side.

UI Design

This is where I started placing our colors, images and written content and started placing things where they go.

Final Designs

The 1.0 version

Cool Colors and Roboto Fonts


Stay tuned for more as we keep adding more of the work that we’ve done.