Digital Smart Objects in Augmented Reality

Project NGAGE was an Intel-driven program that brought together top consumer brands across sectors to measure the application of groundbreaking & emerging technologies to build successful consumer relationships.

Intel, BLOCKv, and CataBoom lead the program, launching a series of interconnected, measurable AR experiences at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and NRF (National Retail Federation), in partnership with participating companies.

This was one project out of four that we worked with Intel. My part at NRF was to design the promotional video sent out to the brands invited, the video at our booth, the videos at the pre-party, print collateral, as well as a statistic report.

The Intel/BLOCKv/CataBoom-Led Innovation Program

BLOCKv bridged the gap between the physical and digital worlds, creating continuous user engagement, creating new levels of surprise.

We selected 30 of the largest brands in retail and invited them to see how brands & companies could incorporate our technology to develop new relationships with consumers before, during, and after purchase.

The evolution of consumer engagement

Role: Video Editing and Motion Graphics

Project NGAGE was the world’s first public demonstration of how gamified digital objects on blockchain delivered more engaging customer experiences, ushering a new era of retail marketing.

Role: Title Treatment

Role: Graphic Designer

Project NGAGE Statistics



16,125 people completed user engagements during NRF 2019.

Ten times the traffic increase at due to interest and activity generated by NRF.

Scores of major vendor companies and retail brands proactively reached out to us during NRF.

Total Project Engagements

Total number of butterflies dropped during the conference.

Total number of butterflies acquired during the conference.

Triple event Numbers

Aquiring Digital Objects off a billboard

Using the augmented reality viewer, visual recognition technology allowed the user to grab a Pepsi from a digital billboard.

Once acquired, it was viewed in your device, in your digital wallet, and then could be redeemed, gifted or traded.

677 pepsi billboard engagements

Digital Pepsi Logo objects were acquired with visual recognition technology off of the digital billboard at the Intel booth.

How many people redeemed what they acquired?

374 redemptions

Participants traveled with their Vatoms to redemption booths and engaged in successful redemptions

We asked participants if they wanted to donate what they had captured and this is what we got:

276 Donations

Butterfly Vatoms containing donations were captured and activated to create donations to the RetailROI Charity in the user’s name.

Total value $30,800.

What were people’s initial reactions to this implementation?

95% Positive reactions

Participants engaged in the redemption expressed “positive value for their time”, with the minority expressing no sentiment or aggravation with low bandwidth conditions creating delay.

This project with Intel was captivating in so many ways. Not only where we able to capture real world live results in the largest retail conference that exists in North America, but we were ranked in the top 5 by Forbes.