The Concierge for Healthcare

Pioneers during the begining of COVID

As sisters and doctors, their mission has been to help people get back to work safely by providing convenient, reliable COVID-19 testing at their location, on their schedule, with rapid results.

My mission has been to help develop their brand strategy by creating their pitch decks, a website, landing pages and marketing materials like some of their social media.

This started in Los Angeles, 2020, and since then they have grown a whole lot!

 Estimated Project Timeline

The goal was to be able to build a four page site in 7 weeks. We didn’t make that goal, but we did great things anyway. From begining to end the site took about three months to build.

 Exploration Phase

Who are our personas?


Old User Flow vs. New User Flow

Their original user flow didn’t lead the user to a call to action right away, so we explored a new possibility where they could.


Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low-fidelity to High-fidelity wireframes were created, reviewed, and iterated in this phase.


High Fidelity Wireframes

 Mood Boards

Dark, Light and a Pop mode.

 Prototype & Design

During this phase, a prototype is designed of what the website would look like. The client decided to add more of the cobalt blue in the end.

Cool Colors and Sans Serif Fonts


Presentation Decks

Decks for live productions, movie studios, corporate company events, music concerts, and schools.

 Final look and feel

 Once the final look and feel was approved and the website was tested that everything worked, the client was trained on how to navigate around it.

 Social Media & Marketing Materials

Instagram, Facebook and Print

Process & Workflow

Ideas come from engaging in dialogue, researching, and executing different concepts. These are the steps it takes to get there:

Exploration Phase

User research, flows, and mood board exploration.

 The prototype is designed into a functioning website.

Low-fidelity to High-fidelity wireframes are created, reviews, and iterations.

User Testing
We user test and fix anything that doesn’t work.
Prototype Design

During this phase, a prototype is designed of what the website will look like.


Training and handing off the website to the client.